Cub Supamatic Escape demonstrator fitted with Ecoboxx 1500

We supplied an Ecoboxx 1500 to Cub Campers for one of their Supamatic Escape Demonstrator. In conjunction with 2x 100 AGM deep cycle batteries it will meet all power requirements including lighting, refrigeration, microwave oven, TV/DVD, computer and fans.

Ecotank available in November

The Ecotank plug and play with built in 100Ah AGM will be available next month.

New Products

The new Ecoboxx 160 & 1500 are being released this month with the Ecoboxx 600 following in October. Both the Ecoboxx 160 & 1500 have been tested & have received electrical product safety approval certification (SAA).

Ecoboxx factory rooftop garden solar powered

A 3kW solar system on the administration building and a 25kW solar system on the manufacturing building together supply all the vegetables to the factory kitchen feeding 500 staff.